OK, I know one of my good buddies might be pissed about this post, but somebody has to say enough to Yngwie Malmsteen. This guy is as clueless about his records sales and musical direction as Alicia Silverstone in her rich dumb blonde movie ”Clueless”. Mr. Malmsteen couldn’t break the US record market in any way possible, through multiple band line-ups over dozens for albums for one major point: difference in musical taste. Simply: the US music fans just don’t like his type of music and he just doesn’t get it. That’s of course aside from his typical bigger-than-his-dick ego and mistreatment of band-mates, his style of guitar playing is the same damn rhythm and techniques we’ve been hearing for the last ten albums. Why he sells in Japan? because if I brought a Jamaican weed seller and handed him a Les Paul with some Japanese editions of his 1st albums, they would go crazy about anything foreign and strange! That’s how it is down there! But still, over time, the Japanese consumer grew older and knows what’s best for him and Malmsteen trashy albums are not on anybody’s shopping list!