McDonald’s Arch Deluxe: A tribute

This is in memory of one tasty burger that I still miss. Considered one of the biggest flops in McDonald’s history, this adult-oriented burger has been taken down like a tyrant king in a bloody revolt. It didn’t hit well according to sales and the prompt to meet Burger King’s Whopper didn’t match well. A full Wikipedia article about it can be found here.

I have always gone for this burger (minus the porky bacon) when it premiered in 1996/1997 in our campus’ student center. The bun is one of the finest that I’ve seen by McDonald’s and I can’t see them doing it again. The sauce is one of the finest and most intriguing and matching for the meat. This burger never left the American shore for the remaining globe to try it, but I can guarantee it would have made an impact here in the GCC region. I wish McDonald’s would hear us out and bring back Arch Deluxe back!!

Arch Deluxe,… were the greatest!!


Immortal Records: Made In Japan by Deep Purple

Till now, Deep Purple has never made any live album that can outlive the ecstasy and power of their record “Made In Japan”. The most famous live album for Deep Purple, this record captures Deep Purple in their prime where the electric force of Ritchie Blackmore, the siren screams of Ian Gillan, the steady vibes of Roger Glover, the bombastic beats of Ian Paice and the melodic madness of Jon Lord conquered Japan in the 70s, the age of Hard Rock and true Metal.

Late at night when it’s dark and quiet, listening to such tracks as Child In Time, Highway Star, Spacetrucking, Smoke on the Water and more would give me goosebumps where you can truly hear the rawness of the recording and the natural interaction between the fans and the band. Sadly, such a record can never be generated again since this particular line-up never seemed to be functioning in the same spirit it was back then on many reunions and will never be again. What you can do is get this record and travel back in time where everything was free, cheap and awesome!


The Dragon will Rise: A tribute to Sendai, Japan

I’ve been saddened to see the news of the earthquake/tsunami that occurred on March 11th, 2011 to Sendai, Japan. I really felt awful to see such a catastrophe occurring to peaceful people. Unlike most fanatic Muslims, I don’t believe that what happened is a curse of God or whatever interpretation religious idiots would like to call it. This is a natural disaster and it happens to everyone, regardless of gender, race or religion. I just hate it when people try to stick God’s name in everything, good or bad.

Dropping such idiotic arguments, I still pray for the safety of the Japanese people from the radiation of the Fukushima reactors and hope everything gets better for our Japanese friends. I was really hoping to see Japan this year, but I guess it could wait till things get better and safer. To all my Japanese friends, colleagues and general population, you are in my prayers. Like you always say: Ganbatte!! God Bless you!

A Moment of Fate

Till now, I haven’t seen a mesmerizing moment in video games history as this one in Final Fantasy IX on PlayStation One. I was in awe. Such a showdown was wanted by all FF fans, aside from the general video games players. The battle of Alexander Vs Bahamut was so classic, it resembled Hulk Hogan Vs Andre The Giant in wrestling. Since Final Fantasy IX, I haven’t seriously played any FF game. Why? Because Square Soft doesn’t make good FF games like they used to be.

Final Fantasy IX Staff, Thank for you for such an amazing game.

Feedback to Borderlinx

I’m posting this poll, after much traffic to my blog due to the famous Borderlinx post, and by no means this is not to slander/flame/disrupt Borderlinx/DHL by any means. It’s an invitation for those of concern to listen to what people has to say about their services. I guess consumer feedback is what matters the most to a logistics company whose services are direct all the way down to the consumer itself. I hope from this poll and all the comments that people would post, that Borderlinx and DHL would listen, follow and improve. I wish from my friends here to provide a professional feedback that would reflect our good will and intentions.

This post is dedicated for all of those of made 4,500+ views to the original Borderlinx post, which was a simple rant describing my experience with their services. I can’t believe that such an old post keeps getting daily hits. You guys deserve a post!


Immortal Records: Holy Diver by DIO

Since 1983, and this album’s tracks are still being played on air, covered and hummed by every metal-head world wide. The first and the greatest masterpiece by the late Ronnie James Dio (RIP) by far till now is one of the most influential metal albums of all time. Ronnie wrote this album after completing two studio albums and a live one with Black Sabbath. You could feel the fire and rage of his soul in such tracks as ”Holy Diver” and ”Don’t talk to strangers”. Although I’m not a big fan of ”Stand up and shout” and ”Straight Through the heart”, but ”Rainbow in the dark” and ”Shame on the night” make me love the album more and more. Of Course, Vivian Campbell shined in this album as lead guitarist and skyrocketed him to worldwide fame with his awesome licks. Dio didn’t forget to import fellow band mates such as Jimmy Bain from Rainbow and Vinny Appice from Black Sabbath to complete the greatest DIO the band lineup ever. Remember when you listen to this album, to thank God that he gifted the world with Ronnie James Dio, the greatest Metal icon ever.

Ronnie James Dio, this post is for you. You still rock! God bless your soul.

When The Moon Faded: An Obituary and a Tribute

This was a very hard to topic for me to write about. Until Today.

My father passed away on Jan. 5th, 2011. He had been sick since early 2003. Complications of the heart, lungs and liver were all due to poor health and addicted smoking. He went through many operations in 2004. But he could never break away from nicotine. Since then, he spent days, weeks and months getting in and out of hospitals.

It was until The first week of January 2011. That was when I saw him daily for the last three days before he died. He was so sick and pale, he broke my heart. He couldn’t even get out of his bed, like he used to do before and chat with other patients. He couldn’t go for a smoke anywhere away from the doctors. I knew at that time that this was it. The last time I saw him, he went to sleep and had his back against me. I sat there for around an hour, looking at him with a blank mind. I just sat there in silence without any thought in my mind.  Then I kissed him goodbye and left. It was my last goodbye to him. He passed away on Jan 5th, 2011 at 06:30 AM.

After the burial and all that sort, on that same night I couldn’t sleep. I broke down like a little kid. I wept till my eyes hurt and were sore the next day. I’ve been holding myself till this moment, where I was afraid to write about it. I have to admit that my face is full of tears as I write this post, but I would like to say this:

To my father, God bless your soul.

If we had the chance in life to re-live it all over again, I would still choose you as my father. I would never find someone like you. No matter what I do, I would never repay you back for raising and making a man out of me. You deserve a rest after battling all the pain and sickness you went through.

May you rest in peace and pray that Heaven be your final destination.

Thanks goes to all my friends, colleagues,  college buddies who e-mailed, called and commented on Facebook with their prayers and support.