The Comeback!

OK, I wasn’t going to post about this, I don’t love bragging (seriously, there’s so much stuff of travel posts I wanna blog!) but my dear Omar Kassim posted a comment on the Borderlinx-gate (LOL) that made go and reply to him with thanks!

This is for you, my dear Omar!

To all of my down-to-earth readers, A big Thank you for opening your hearts and minds!

Remember, mind is the ultimate gift of God, don’t give it away!


Borderlinx, Thank you!!

I know this might seem weird but because of my earlier post about Borderlinx and the numerous comments that flooded in till today, I could say that this post is most read in my entire blog, breaking high records for me personally. Borderlinx, you still suck but thank you anway!


Update: a follow-up on this matter is right here

Borderlinx: Scam of the century?

OK, I just picked up my NPR Radio by Livio after waiting for a while to get it and I have used DHL’s Borderlinx service here in Kuwait, the counterpart of Aramex’s Shop & Ship. I’ve used Borderlinx for like 3-4 times and I have to say that this is it! I’ve been scammed major time by these fellas! When we started using their services (I joined online, so I didn’t sign a damn paper!) as a getaway from Aramex crappy services for customs and long delays, Borderlinx was the savior for all of online shoppers here in Kuwait! Like any other shipping carrier, they charge you for customs finalizing works and papers aside from the actual weight of the received item. Lately, and without informing any of its customers, Borderlinx shifted their calculation from actual weight to volumetric weight, using damn stupid math formulas to calculate which is higher and be charged for it! My package was only 3.1 KGs and according to the large size of the box (10″x16″x14″, as a protection for the radio) I was charged 38 KDs using the volumetric weight! WTF?!!! Even for the customs, my radio only costs 169 dollars and they charged only 4 KDs, so all the paper works and the stamps and all that shits piles up to 15.5 KDs! The paperwork is much more than the tax itself? WTF? The whole total is 54KDs for a radio that costs 48 KDs! Can you imagine the horrendous crime? This is plain thievery! I had a long argument with the Indian worker down there in Khaleejiya office and promised him that I’d never use DHL nor Borderlinx again! He argued that he checks for the actual weight first, then takes the volumetric weight, and whichever is higher in price would be charged! I asked him to provide me with official paperwork from DHL to prove the procedure, and he said that nothing was available to support the claim, you either take it or leave it. It’s sad to say that I’ve been a customer of DHL since 2001, having all my Amazon shipments using their services but this is truly a scam of the century! Another tale of this is 2:48AM’s.


Update : I’ve posted more about this matter here and the newest update is right here .