There is always a point in our lives, where we stand in the middle of a crossroad. Not knowing where to head off to. Which path is the best for us? What will happen if I take the other choice instead?
As expected, we don’t want to miss on chances that may only come once in a lifetime. We are very ambitious and greedy creatures. Yet, we love to calculate the associated risks and measure the odds to gain the associated benefits.

Personally, this is a time for me where i am faced with a crossroad. Yet, i continue believing in myself, God and good luck that i will make it.


Blogging from BlackBerry!

Due to overdriven busy life, I have decided to start blogging with my Blackberry curve 9360.
Although the wordpress app is not made available for in the app world, I had to google around here and there just to find its app online. I don’t know why this is happening but I had the same app available on my earlier bold 9780 unit on OS6.
Hope that the posting alightment here is made as fine as it could be. I have to admit that by far, the best wordpress app is on Android units. Very smooth, rich and sleek GUI.