The Curse: a thought


Note: This topic has no relation to any extraordinary themes. It’s my personal observation of Googol’s Diary of a Madman, the manga comic, Hades Project Zeorymer and Image Comic, Spawn

How does a human being live with a curse? It can be any sort of curses.

Madness, addiction, abuse, suffering, sickness, etc.

Yet, the notion of torment and pain is horrifying. It sticks to us.

When can we confront our own fear?

Who is the enemy? What is right? what is wrong? Who decided that right was right and it was not wrong?

To wake up every morning, facing the other side of you the mirror, what do you tell it? who is real? who is the reflection of who?

Who is the real Mr. Hyde?

Am I a clone? who is the real me?

Is this life a dream? is it our dream orĀ  is it someone else’s?

When do we wake up from it?….

Where is salvation? when is it?

How do I keep living? when can I die?

Yet,…….the curse keeps on!


The Lone Wolf: Tribute to Berserk

berserkI’ve read the manga, watched the TV series and right now as I’m writing this post, I’m listening to “Guts” the instrumental track from the original TV series. This post has been on my mind long time ago. Since I’ve watched “Berserk”, my life and mind have not been the same. I was depressed, affected and moved by the creator’s choice of displaying his feelings through his works and the choice of path he placed for his created characters.

Guts, arguably the most fearsome swordsman to grace the manga pages and TV screens, is one heck of a warrior. The manga shows us in reverse order the current situation and the lonely travels of Guts. Then goes back in time with he joined the Order of the Hawk under the leadership of Griffon, his greatest leader and later, his arch nemesis. The TV series has captured only up to the event of the dark eclipse, the most wickedly visualized and bloodiest event I have seen in Anime/manga till now. The TV series was toned due to to the gruesome nature of the manga, yet it broke anime standards for being an adult anime show played at late night during the late 90s to make up for TV sluggish ratings.

As I’m still listening to the instrumental “Guts”, I keep thinking about Guts after losing his friends, beloved girl Caska and chasing after his greatest comrade Griffon who in turn became the most evil figure on Earth, after he offered his own army as sacrifice to the devil to gain power. Traveling along down a dark road full of danger just to stay alive, while being haunted by memories of lost comrades and companions. People that you tried your best to save, but couldn’t and had to watch their limps being torn apart right in front of your eyes.

I’m still awed by the first arcs in Berserk which are the “Black swordsman” and “Golden Age”. I just didn’t digest what followed afterwards. The “Fantasia Arc” is truly silly and not up to bar with the earlier arcs of the story. I hope that the creator, Kentaro Miura, would get some sense back in his head and fix the current state of the manga.

The Hokuto Underdog

Yeah, yeah, hate me for this, Kenshiro fans but you’ve gotta know that even Jagi has fans too!! Pretty much underestimated in the whole series and the manga, I don’t know why but I Jagi fascinates me. Maybe his patience to avenge his dismissal from the Hokuto school because of Kenshiro. Maybe because like Raoh, he thought that Kenshiro was too young to handle it. Never the less, Jagi kept a low profile, plotting to destroy Kenshiro and Yuria’s dream by employing Shin, Kenshiro’s best buddy! How’s that for a cold revenge? Master in hate, he remains one of the most hated in the Hokuto series! The mask makes him even more fearsome than the rest!