Al Dhabi Lounge, AUH

IMG_0473This is this updated lounge of the Airport Hotel Lounge in AUH, which I have blogged about in 2011.

This lounge went through major revamp and furnishing to reach the true magnificent level of service and recognition that Abu Dhabi is reaching for to represent its image to the world of travelers.

Access to this lounge can be through association of major frequent flyer programs, priority pass and I believe some credit card programs as well. This lounge is still located at Terminal 1 of Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH), right after the e-gate and immigration desks.

Shower facilities, Computer access area, kids area and smoking lounges were added in order to provide the best service and accommodation to AUH patrons. The seating, decoration, furnishing have all been renewed and improved to a level that it surprised me in comparison to the previous set-up of its old version.

I have to add that the choices for the buffet need some improvement, yet it still beats any premium lounges in Europe, where hot food and in almost unlimited portions are as rare as water in the Arabian desert!

While traveling to Abu Dhabi, I would suggest visiting this lounge to experience comfort before taking off on your flight!



Airport Hotel Lounge, AUH

OK, I was supposed to write about this since last December but it just slipped my mind. On my last trip to Abu Dhabi, upon departing from AUH, me and my Omani friends decided to get refreshed at The Airport Hotel Lounge in AUH, right after the immigration in Terminal 1. To Access it, there’s stairs and a lift. After admission, I was shocked to see how small it was. I mean it was really small. The left side of it was occupied by (I think) a store or two selling some Duty-Free products. The food buffet bar was like the smallest I’ve seen around. I tried to find something to try, but then it was so limited that I’ve ended with Cucumber slices, Hummus and a slice of bread.

The far right side is where a couple of PCs are located for access. The seating area was pretty limited and I have to admit that we’ve faced a problem in finding a seat for the three of us. I couldn’t bear the rudeness of some travelers who would occupy a whole couch to themselves and lay their carry-on’s on it to maximize the place all to their selves. What’s surprising about this lounge is that next to the entrance there’s a mini hotel inside this lounge, and that’s why its called Airport Hotel Lounge. There are rooms that you can rent and rest/sleep in all to yourself. I would recommend going somewhere else than this lounge since there are two other lounges which need to be checked next time I’m there.