The Lone Wolf: Tribute to Berserk

berserkI’ve read the manga, watched the TV series and right now as I’m writing this post, I’m listening to “Guts” the instrumental track from the original TV series. This post has been on my mind long time ago. Since I’ve watched “Berserk”, my life and mind have not been the same. I was depressed, affected and moved by the creator’s choice of displaying his feelings through his works and the choice of path he placed for his created characters.

Guts, arguably the most fearsome swordsman to grace the manga pages and TV screens, is one heck of a warrior. The manga shows us in reverse order the current situation and the lonely travels of Guts. Then goes back in time with he joined the Order of the Hawk under the leadership of Griffon, his greatest leader and later, his arch nemesis. The TV series has captured only up to the event of the dark eclipse, the most wickedly visualized and bloodiest event I have seen in Anime/manga till now. The TV series was toned due to to the gruesome nature of the manga, yet it broke anime standards for being an adult anime show played at late night during the late 90s to make up for TV sluggish ratings.

As I’m still listening to the instrumental “Guts”, I keep thinking about Guts after losing his friends, beloved girl Caska and chasing after his greatest comrade Griffon who in turn became the most evil figure on Earth, after he offered his own army as sacrifice to the devil to gain power. Traveling along down a dark road full of danger just to stay alive, while being haunted by memories of lost comrades and companions. People that you tried your best to save, but couldn’t and had to watch their limps being torn apart right in front of your eyes.

I’m still awed by the first arcs in Berserk which are the “Black swordsman” and “Golden Age”. I just didn’t digest what followed afterwards. The “Fantasia Arc” is truly silly and not up to bar with the earlier arcs of the story. I hope that the creator, Kentaro Miura, would get some sense back in his head and fix the current state of the manga.


Blogging from BlackBerry!

Due to overdriven busy life, I have decided to start blogging with my Blackberry curve 9360.
Although the wordpress app is not made available for in the app world, I had to google around here and there just to find its app online. I don’t know why this is happening but I had the same app available on my earlier bold 9780 unit on OS6.
Hope that the posting alightment here is made as fine as it could be. I have to admit that by far, the best wordpress app is on Android units. Very smooth, rich and sleek GUI.

Crowne Plaza, Muscat

Due to business relations with our clients in Oman, we had to stay a couple of times in Muscat and Crowne Plaza was one of the few selections that would stand out among others. For a fact, hotel rates in Oman are highly exaggerated and don’t reflect the received services for such stay rates nor the quality of the venue.So, why Crowne Plaza? well because I’m a platinum Priority Club member and I would like to receive the benefits of possible upgrade, free amenity kits and extended check out time.  Well, it doesn’t work all the time with hotels operating under the IHG group, since I’ve read stories on frequent flyer forums where their high tier status didn’t earn them a thing and that’s according to local hotel management and discretion.

Well in case of Crowne Plaza Muscat, I was recognized for my tier and I have received a complimentary upgrade for club room, while reserving a standard room. Though there are no provided perks such as club lounge access, internet access or even free breakfast. Actually the hotel doesn’t even have a club floor lounge which is disappointing. Below the picture of the club floor room which is amazingly overlooking the pool and the beach.

As you can see, the room is spacious and has its own balcony, overlooking some beautiful images such as below

As a hotel policy, it is not allowed to smoke in the rooms. For solution to smokers, they have provided an ashtray in the balcony where you would have to smoke outside regardless of humidity and high temperature.

The only provided perks were a plate of fruits, a hot water kettle with instant coffee and tea and some complimentary water aside from the daily local newspapers.

I have to mention that the carpets of the hallways and the rooms need to be replaced as it’s truly worn out and smelly. The interior of the hallways is aged and need renewal. The hotel itself need to give itself a break for a while. As for food, their breakfast buffet is pretty good and packed with all kinds of selections which makes it up for any negative issues.

I would have to recommend that you would try their English pub food and drinks. The food there is good and the atmosphere is jolly, with some bingo/quiz games with lots of Aussies and English people hanging around.

For a change, I would recommend walking a bit from the hotel down the road to see the Qurom Street where the locals call it “the love street” where all youngsters and teens hang around to pick up girls and meet up. There’s a couple of coffee shops and some franchise restaurants. Walking around in a breezy weather at night and enjoying the nightlife scene would be a good choice for alternative if you don’t want to hang out at Crowne Plaza open area dedicated to its restaurants and pubs.

All in all, this is a decent business hotel but I would recommend some major improvements in renovation to be able to stay next time.

Life, Again

Yep, I have been pretty away and distant fro my own blog. I truly hated leaving it. Working out of Kuwait and being away from family kids kind of kept my mind away from blogging. I’ve been busy with many business trips, work assignments and life issues.

I am truly packed with lost of travel reviews and other variety posts as well. That’s all coming in right after this post!!

I would like to thank you for visiting my humble blog and hope that it would make a change in this cyber world.

The Hard Lesson

In the recent European and World championships, our favorite German national outmatched almost each team it met, only to be hit by a surprise loss knocking it out of the semi-finals or finals at best. This has been very depressing to us, global fans of this extra-ordinary team. So much of hope, backing and support has been built on the hope of seeing our team standing on the winning platform, rising the golden cup in front of the world.

I have been observing Germany recent losses against teams such as Spain, Italy and even Brazil. It has to be noted that Germany has the youngest team when compared globally in the recent championships. Youth and strength are important but they complement experience. This is the most underrated factor in Germany’s team. If you observe Germany’s team in Euro 2012 for example, most of the team players are from Bayern Munchen. The rest are majorly are the German League, Bundesliga, and hardly some who are playing in other European leagues. This is where I note as the weakest point in the national team. Since most of the players are from Bundesliga, the training, game play techniques, and experience are only gained according to the same league. There is hardly any exposure to any other famous football schools, where knowledge and experience can be the greatest benefit to the German players.

German league cannot match the English, Italian or even the Spanish in experience and excellence. Germany needs to export its players to these leagues to strengthen and absorb the true passion and game play of football.

The current German team is good, but will never win a title. Unless Germany undertake the mission to create great players such as Mirsolav Klose.