There is always a point in our lives, where we stand in the middle of a crossroad. Not knowing where to head off to. Which path is the best for us? What will happen if I take the other choice instead?
As expected, we don’t want to miss on chances that may only come once in a lifetime. We are very ambitious and greedy creatures. Yet, we love to calculate the associated risks and measure the odds to gain the associated benefits.

Personally, this is a time for me where i am faced with a crossroad. Yet, i continue believing in myself, God and good luck that i will make it.


Blogging from BlackBerry!

Due to overdriven busy life, I have decided to start blogging with my Blackberry curve 9360.
Although the wordpress app is not made available for in the app world, I had to google around here and there just to find its app online. I don’t know why this is happening but I had the same app available on my earlier bold 9780 unit on OS6.
Hope that the posting alightment here is made as fine as it could be. I have to admit that by far, the best wordpress app is on Android units. Very smooth, rich and sleek GUI.

Life, Again

Yep, I have been pretty away and distant fro my own blog. I truly hated leaving it. Working out of Kuwait and being away from family kids kind of kept my mind away from blogging. I’ve been busy with many business trips, work assignments and life issues.

I am truly packed with lost of travel reviews and other variety posts as well. That’s all coming in right after this post!!

I would like to thank you for visiting my humble blog and hope that it would make a change in this cyber world.

Dream Person

A couple of days ago, “Dream Person” by the Cranberries was being played on Aramco radio station. My office small radio was on and I couldn’t resist the urge to crank it up. I truly love this song. It reminds me of the famous Hong Kong movie “Chungking Express” by Wong Kar-Wai. Its main theme is a cover of the same song, done by its main actress and Chinese pop star, Faye Wang. Whenever I watch this movie or even remember it, I go in a nostalgic mood, remembering the united states. Another famous song being played around the movie is the Mamas and Papas’ “California Dreaming”. It sure gave another dimension to this fresh love story that takes place in the urban side of Hong Kong.

In June, I have been on medical leave for two weeks due to an abdominal surgery and during those two weeks I have been having recurring dreams about my years in the states and my college life.

I truly miss it. Even though I could have made things different back then, even corrected a lot of stupidities due to my young age and immaturity, in general I don’t regret it at all.

Death and Rising

I would like to announce that since last month, I had my first cyber death. Yes, I have killed my online social self. After many moments of deep thinking and measuring this act against my social networking, I’ve found that preserving my self and family was the most important thing for me. I’ve hurt my family more than enough through Facebook and twitter and in some parts of this blog.

I’ve decided to start it all clean again. I wouldn’t want to keep any of the old material that could be labeled offensive and might hurt my family’s feelings. I call this : maturing and rising up to responsibility which I happily carry. Seeing their happy faces again gives more hope in life. As for my good followers and readers: I hope that you would respect my decision to clean up this blog of any adult-rated/offensive material and would keep up reading as it was the same before.

To all my Facebook and Twitter friends and followers: I will truly miss you.