The Hard Lesson

In the recent European and World championships, our favorite German national outmatched almost each team it met, only to be hit by a surprise loss knocking it out of the semi-finals or finals at best. This has been very depressing to us, global fans of this extra-ordinary team. So much of hope, backing and support has been built on the hope of seeing our team standing on the winning platform, rising the golden cup in front of the world.

I have been observing Germany recent losses against teams such as Spain, Italy and even Brazil. It has to be noted that Germany has the youngest team when compared globally in the recent championships. Youth and strength are important but they complement experience. This is the most underrated factor in Germany’s team. If you observe Germany’s team in Euro 2012 for example, most of the team players are from Bayern Munchen. The rest are majorly are the German League, Bundesliga, and hardly some who are playing in other European leagues. This is where I note as the weakest point in the national team. Since most of the players are from Bundesliga, the training, game play techniques, and experience are only gained according to the same league. There is hardly any exposure to any other famous football schools, where knowledge and experience can be the greatest benefit to the German players.

German league cannot match the English, Italian or even the Spanish in experience and excellence. Germany needs to export its players to these leagues to strengthen and absorb the true passion and game play of football.

The current German team is good, but will never win a title. Unless Germany undertake the mission to create great players such as Mirsolav Klose.




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