McDonald’s Arch Deluxe: A tribute

This is in memory of one tasty burger that I still miss. Considered one of the biggest flops in McDonald’s history, this adult-oriented burger has been taken down like a tyrant king in a bloody revolt. It didn’t hit well according to sales and the prompt to meet Burger King’s Whopper didn’t match well. A full Wikipedia article about it can be found here.

I have always gone for this burger (minus the porky bacon) when it premiered in 1996/1997 in our campus’ student center. The bun is one of the finest that I’ve seen by McDonald’s and I can’t see them doing it again. The sauce is one of the finest and most intriguing and matching for the meat. This burger never left the American shore for the remaining globe to try it, but I can guarantee it would have made an impact here in the GCC region. I wish McDonald’s would hear us out and bring back Arch Deluxe back!!

Arch Deluxe,… were the greatest!!


2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Arch Deluxe: A tribute

  1. I loved the arch delux as well I remember it from my child hood. It was the only sandwich that I loved so much that Every time I went I had to order 2. The flavor was pristine I remember the sauce was different than all other burgers and the bacon… oooooo the bacon

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