Beyond The Universe

For those who are pretty young and born in the Arab world, then this article may not relate to you a bit, but for those of are of the golden classic age of 70s and beyond, this is truly dedicated to you. Does this comic volume cover seem familiar to you? This is the 2nd volume of the Arabic comic whose title is literally translates to “Beyond The Universe”. And yep, that ‘s Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia on the cover!! This volume covers the comic release of Episode IV of the Star Wars Saga. “Beyond The Universe” is one of the first comic series to import global comic series and Sci-Fi stories into a single release, after acquiring all needed rights and translating it properly to Arabic. This publication made it easy for us Arab fans to read Hulk, Spiderman, Star Wars, Star Trek and most of the Sci-Fi movie adaptations within a reasonable price and in one set. It also includes Japanese super heroes and robots like Mazinger Z and UFO Robot Grendizer. “Beyond The Universe” was published in Lebanon during the days of the civil war and it very admirable of them to keep it running during the hard times of aggression and mass killing. It saddened us when it was decided to discontinue and they stopped at Volume 20, which I still remember very well because it had the Kingpin’s death story from the Spiderman series.

To all of who worked on “Beyond The Universe” comics, thank you. You are part of who we are now. You gave us dreams, hope and pleasure when we really needed them the most.


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