Death and Rising

I would like to announce that since last month, I had my first cyber death. Yes, I have killed my online social self. After many moments of deep thinking and measuring this act against my social networking, I’ve found that preserving my self and family was the most important thing for me. I’ve hurt my family more than enough through Facebook and twitter and in some parts of this blog.

I’ve decided to start it all clean again. I wouldn’t want to keep any of the old material that could be labeled offensive and might hurt my family’s feelings. I call this : maturing and rising up to responsibility which I happily carry. Seeing their happy faces again gives more hope in life. As for my good followers and readers: I hope that you would respect my decision to clean up this blog of any adult-rated/offensive material and would keep up reading as it was the same before.

To all my Facebook and Twitter friends and followers: I will truly miss you.



3 thoughts on “Death and Rising

  1. Dude, we truly miss you man! But family more important than a bunch of online friends, so I honor your decision with a bow!
    Keep blogging bro!


    • Hell yeah bro, damn, I miss you guys too (and the chicks in twitter too lol). Well, I keep spamming Z_District with my BBM broadcasts and he never seemed bothered about it, we need you in there!! I was thinking about getting back to Twitter, but then staying and lingering there needs a lot of time. BTW, I was trying to access your blog for the last two days but I was getting network error the whole time, any idea?

      • BBM? hmm, I dunno bro I might get one just for you guys. And yeah, DreamHost messed up my blog (and millions other too) last week.. a lot of down time!! and I lost a a lot of traffic too, damn it!! it’s up now hopefully stays like that!

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