Redundant Safety!

Only in Kuwait!! I can’t find any single reason to have two traffic lights placed behind each other as close as this one!


Beyond The Universe

For those who are pretty young and born in the Arab world, then this article may not relate to you a bit, but for those of are of the golden classic age of 70s and beyond, this is truly dedicated to you. Does this comic volume cover seem familiar to you? This is the 2nd volume of the Arabic comic whose title is literally translates to “Beyond The Universe”. And yep, that ‘s Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia on the cover!! This volume covers the comic release of Episode IV of the Star Wars Saga. “Beyond The Universe” is one of the first comic series to import global comic series and Sci-Fi stories into a single release, after acquiring all needed rights and translating it properly to Arabic. This publication made it easy for us Arab fans to read Hulk, Spiderman, Star Wars, Star Trek and most of the Sci-Fi movie adaptations within a reasonable price and in one set. It also includes Japanese super heroes and robots like Mazinger Z and UFO Robot Grendizer. “Beyond The Universe” was published in Lebanon during the days of the civil war and it very admirable of them to keep it running during the hard times of aggression and mass killing. It saddened us when it was decided to discontinue and they stopped at Volume 20, which I still remember very well because it had the Kingpin’s death story from the Spiderman series.

To all of who worked on “Beyond The Universe” comics, thank you. You are part of who we are now. You gave us dreams, hope and pleasure when we really needed them the most.

SEGA Game Gear TV Tuner

A true blast from the past! one of the first technologies to hit the portable video game hand-held system!! I remember the impact when this TV tuner came out for the Game Gear, it showed that there probable possibilities for further development for this field!! Although the life-time of the 6 AA batteries was very short and Game Gear used to eat them batteries like a monster, yet it provided a local UHF/VHF TV tuner wherever you go to! Of course to maintain uninterrupted TV service, you had to go and arrange for a power supply plug to be connected at all times to keep that small screen shining!

Keibuho Yabe Kenzo

I’ve finished watching this J-drama TV series a couple of months ago, and I’m still laughing after remember a couple of funny scenes from it. This is not the sequel to the famous “TRICK” TV series, but more of a spin-off, involving the famous lousy Police Detective Yabe Kenzo. It’s to be noted that the main two characters from Trick has some cameo appearance in this show and it adds some great insight on how this detective is managing his daily police life and dealing with major cases, that require more skills and experience than what he actually is. Namase Katsuhisa became one of my top comedic actors after watching TRICK, and he truly enforced his place after watching this show. I truly recommend watching this crazy J-drama and getting some real good genuine fun! Here’s a DramaWiki link to it for further details.

Mercure Grand Hotel Seef, Bahrain

 Mercure Grand Hotel Seef is one of couple of hotels that I could recommend for shopping fanatics when traveling to Bahrain. It’s placed in the strategic shopping region of Seef and within a walking distance to two shopping malls and a 5 minutes drive to the biggest mall in Bahrain, City Center. I’ve decided to give it a shot and try it since I was traveling with my family and I’ve heard that it has a good reputation for being family-friendly and keeping a low profile on the alcoholic consumables and the party scene. The drive-thru of the hotel is very very small and the dedicated parking area is limited. Yet you can find a parking in the area surrounding the hotel. for the bell-boy service, you can consider yourself lucky if you found someone around to carry your stuff.

At check-in, it was bit of chaotic since only two attendants were available, yet their attention and dedication to your needs was absent. They had a hard time attending to checking patrons and answering phone calls and issuing invoices. There’s a need for improvement in that field.

I have made my reservation through their official website, Accor Hotels, so that my frequent guest points would be accounted for and enjoy my tier benefits (I was Gold at that time). Yet, when checking-in and presenting my Gold card, no recognition was received from staff and no benefits were presented for welcoming a frequent guest of their franchise. It did let me down.

My reservation was of a deluxe room that had a living room and kitchenette. This is how it looks like. Now notice that it’s nicely decorated and it’s pretty welcoming. There is a dining table with around 4 seats and a fully-prepared kitchenette, mini-stove and a microwave. Yet, I didn’t enjoy the seats in the living room as they were very rough and hard to get used to. The king-sized bed was a bit smaller than the regular expected size and the pillows were a bit lean. The bathroom is very nice and I truly enjoyed the shower glass box with the rainforest type of shower head. The only let-down of the room was having the old CRT TV in the bedroom. The living room had an LCD (around 40 inches or so). We didn’t try their room service so I can’t have a say about that. The breakfast was average and no omelet chef was available on-site to prepare for us our choice of eggs. He didn’t bother to attend till someone complained and a staffer had to go and call in the chef. I found that not acceptable for a hotel of their class.

My only issue was getting someone in the reception desk to attend to your needs. They always seemed busy and out of breath. All in general, this is not a 5 star hotel, if it claims to. The price is pretty high for its class, yet the comfort you get is worth most of it. There’s a big margin for improvement in service and staff training to attend to the patrons’ needs. I haven’t received any email from Accor Hotels requesting my feedback regarding this stay or any previous stay and I do find that careless from them to seek your customer’s feedback. I would recommend it only for family with a craving for shopping.

Death and Rising

I would like to announce that since last month, I had my first cyber death. Yes, I have killed my online social self. After many moments of deep thinking and measuring this act against my social networking, I’ve found that preserving my self and family was the most important thing for me. I’ve hurt my family more than enough through Facebook and twitter and in some parts of this blog.

I’ve decided to start it all clean again. I wouldn’t want to keep any of the old material that could be labeled offensive and might hurt my family’s feelings. I call this : maturing and rising up to responsibility which I happily carry. Seeing their happy faces again gives more hope in life. As for my good followers and readers: I hope that you would respect my decision to clean up this blog of any adult-rated/offensive material and would keep up reading as it was the same before.

To all my Facebook and Twitter friends and followers: I will truly miss you.