Framing Armageddon: The Devil’s Advocate

Collapse of the basic structural needs in South Lebanon. Death of hundreds. Many have been left without homes or shelters. A mad adventure to prove one’s wrath and a vulgar display of power. Those were the acts of the Lebanese madman, the spiritual leader of Hezbollah. This man bet money and power to prove his supremacy over the Arabs and Israel, chanting the usual anti-Western slogans of imperialism and occupation. Yet, he survives on money and arms fed in from Syria and Iran, the remaining Axis of Evil in the Middle East.

What did he gain in the end? nothing! He had to go on public TV to apologize for every Lebanese for his arrogant idiotic acts for destroying the country for the sake of a couple of Israel militant hostages. His ventures against Israel and breaking whatever remained of unity between the different sects of Lebanon never cleared his character of the allegations against Hezbollah for involvement in the assassination of Mr. Rafeek Al-Hariri a couple of years ago. Now, he’s leading the sectarian hatred and acts of anarchy in the Gulf region, especially in Bahrain. Everyone knows nowadays that his days are almost over, since Syria regime is collapsing from the public resistance movement to topple down this evil regime. Iran’s position in the region is not favored nor supported by any moderate influential nation. I guess it’s time to take down this militant demon and put an end to his terrorist existence. Then, by that time let us enjoy the divine victory over the lieutenant of Satan.

The clock is ticking till that day comes. Framing Armageddon is in the progress. The showdown is pretty near.

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