iPhone Travel Apps: Hotels

I’m an avid owner of iPhone. I can’t deny that. My iPhone has been a true part of me, especially when traveling. As a self proclaimed frequent flyer, I would like to share with you some of the best iPhone apps available for traveling usage in my humble opinion. In this post, we’re going to pay the hotels apps a visit.

Starwood Preferred Guest “SPG” App:

The famous franchise app for accessing your SPG profile, making reservations, checking rates, contacting franchise hotels and more. Very useful app but still needs some major improvement to its plain user interface. I have used it for making a reservation and its secure and functional. Recommended.
Hilton Hotels and Resorts “Hilton” App:

This app has gone through modest improvements. It has the basic functions of checking your Hilton HHonors account, making reservations and editing them and the ability to book a reward stay. The interface is OK yet no “wow” about it. I hope that Hilton would follow up and provide a major lift for the performance of the app.

Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts” Priority Club” App:

My favorite. This app has gone over admired phases of app development to today’s version, where it has proven its position among the others. For example, once I have made a reservation on the go, while driving to a Holiday Inn. The trip to the hotel took me less than 10 minutes. Upon arrival, I found my reservation ready and available at the hotel!! Secure, fast, good and truly recommended.
Marriott Hotels & Resorts “Marriott International” App:

The newest app for famous international hotel chains, Marriott app has gone through some good updates recently to address its speed and functionality issues. I didn’t use it for making a reservation, but I have used it for fetching my current reservation and its smooth and working fine. I have to say that the developers need to work on the transitional performance when switching through the functions of the app.
Booking.com “Booking.com” App:

The famous worldwide hotel reservation and search engine finally got its iPhone app and its truly up to standards. We’re talking about a light app that takes you through a fitted replica of the original website but maintained as a stand-alone app, not a JAVA portal to their site like what other lame app developers do out of laziness. This app is recommended for its security, user-friendly and an intriguing graphical experience like it’s original website.
Carlson “Club Carlson” App:

One of the new apps in the travel category for iPhone in the App store. Developed after the company decided to lift off its trademark and its frequent guest program. This app is good. I have tried using it to check my current reservation and some details. Like many other apps, it still lacks the possibility to check out and enroll in current promos. Hope that it would be considered in future updates.
Accor Hotels “Accor Hotels” App:

This app is something else. I truly admire the effort placed in the graphic design of the app. Each hotel is given a spot to sell itself to the travelers. The developers have been active since lots of updates are being released recently for this app. The only thing which I still don’t like about this app is the non-integration between reservations made on the website and ones made using the app. In the app, you can’t access any reservation you have made using their website and this is very ridiculous. I hope Accor Hotels would reconsider this.
Agoda.com “Agoda.com” App:

The Asian twin brother of Booking.com. They have finally decided to release their app for iPhone. Till now, it doesn’t strike a “wow”, but I could say that there’s plenty of room for improvement. I never used Agoda.com personally, although I know couple of friends did and they recommended their customer service and their quick desk support around the clock. Not yet tested for actual reservation.
Choice Hotels “Choice Hotels Locator” App:

Till now, this app has not been of true usage for me. Why? because sadly none of the chain’s hotels exist currently within the Middle East. This hotel chain is very famous in the states and some parts of Europe. The latest update to the app was considered a major step forward, including an overhaul of the visual interface and some function improvements. Not yet tested for actual reservation.
Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts “Concierge Insider Guides” App:

Please note that this app is only available for iPad. I thought about giving it a shot for review, since it’s one of a kind. This app displays all the necessary data about the Intercontinental hotels located worldwide. It would give major outlines and info about the location of the hotel, tips about the city itself and more. Very entertaining visual experience and one of the biggest travel apps in size (currently 137 MBs). Worth a try and a “wow”.


5 thoughts on “iPhone Travel Apps: Hotels

  1. Great list. I’ve tried using Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts “Concierge Insider Guides” when I had a vacation and Milan. And, yes, you’re right, it’s very informative. I used it along with “25 things to do in Milan” by Rainbow Riders, and they made my vacation convenient and worthwhile. I’ll take a look at some of the apps you’ve recommended in here. Perhaps I’ll be able to use them for my next trip. Keep it up!

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