Le Méridien Airport Hotel, Dubai

This is another hotel which I have forgotten to post about. Fortunately, since there’s still time to 2011, let me layout this simple post about this hotel.

This hotel is part of Starwood Hotels franchise and associations. I have made my reservation through their official website since I was staying only for night in Dubai and this hotel is right across from DXB. I have noticed in Starwood website that this hotel doesn’t endorse nor award any star points for stays and it seemed weird to me at first. I have requested early check-in since I was arriving at around 7:30 AM from Manchester, UK on Emirates. Also, I have requested  a smoking room since I might need to enjoy a smoke or two after this long flight and the jet lag. The hotel management emailed me back a couple of times expressing inability to accommodate early check-ins since they were loaded on that day but they will try their best.

Upon arrival, I have noticed that there are two entrances to the hotel. The left side is dedicated to short-term stays and are assigned to Emirates travelers. They would be accommodated anytime of the day, according to the flight schedules. My friend who was set on that accommodation tried to extend an extra day but was turned day due to unavailability

I headed towards the right side entrance which is the main entrance of the hotel. After checking-in, I was requested to chill  for an undefined amount of time in the lounge till a room is prepared for my stay. I was truly unsatisfied with that. Other travelers faced the same situation and that eased the situation to myself.

After almost 45 to 50 minutes, I was assigned a special executive room and I was truly glad of this upgrade, since it was truly a pleasant room with two minor objections to it. Its windows were facing the  main entrance to the hotel, so no good view is available. And it was a non-smoking room.

The main reason why I have stayed in this hotel is because of its variety of choices in the nightlife scenes. There are about 4-5 clubs/bars plus sheehsa smoking section aside from 3-4 international cuisine restaurants. I would truly recommend paying the place a visit just for its nightlife and the swimming pool area. Although it’s located right by the airport and a bit far from the city center of Dubai, anyone interested in a one night adventure in Dubai should give this place a try.


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