Immortal Records: Made In Japan by Deep Purple

Till now, Deep Purple has never made any live album that can outlive the ecstasy and power of their record “Made In Japan”. The most famous live album for Deep Purple, this record captures Deep Purple in their prime where the electric force of Ritchie Blackmore, the siren screams of Ian Gillan, the steady vibes of Roger Glover, the bombastic beats of Ian Paice and the melodic madness of Jon Lord conquered Japan in the 70s, the age of Hard Rock and true Metal.

Late at night when it’s dark and quiet, listening to such tracks as Child In Time, Highway Star, Spacetrucking, Smoke on the Water and more would give me goosebumps where you can truly hear the rawness of the recording and the natural interaction between the fans and the band. Sadly, such a record can never be generated again since this particular line-up never seemed to be functioning in the same spirit it was back then on many reunions and will never be again. What you can do is get this record and travel back in time where everything was free, cheap and awesome!


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