Cathay Pacific First & Business Class Lounge, KUL

Last November was pretty hectic for me. I had multiple tasks at work plus some meeting to attend and so. I was almost forced to take up this training program about supervision and leadership skills in Malaysia. I decide to take my favorite Asian airlines for that which is Cathay Pacific! Note that I have never boarded any Cathay Pacific flight before but I’ve heard so much about and decided to give it a shot for review, which will come next after this one!
Now, on the way back from KUL to BAH, I decided to rest in CX’s lounge in the departure side of Malaysia’s international airport. It was a bit crowded upon entry but unoccupied seats can be found easily. Their snacks and beverages section was very minimal and consisted of some dumplings, mee noodles, cold sandwiches and mostly fresh juices and beer.
The seating area is pretty decent and it could offer some privacy at the far left end. English and Chinese newspapers and international magazines are provided at the entrance. A sealed section in the lounge is designated for PC units and some work-related activities. The whole lounge overlooks the tarmacs/departure gates and I couldn’t find our plane there.
At one point, it got so empty, I enjoyed the serenity. Then, all of a sudden, all kinda of people just rushed in! It was the call to go!




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