Intercontinental Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Another blast from the past. Like the previous post about an old stay in 2008, I’ve stumbled upon some old pictures in 2008 when I was still with MEW and did my first ever business trip! That business trip was my first official business meeting with my current employer! see how things change in life. Well, since our current office building is next to Intercontinental Al Khobar, it was recommended to us to stay in it since it was a walking distance to the meeting. At that time, I didn’t have any kind of relationship with any frequent guest/flyer program/affiliation at all. I barely traveled when I was in the shifts for 7 years. I needed my yearly leave just to sleep around like a hippo!

Well, back to the hotel. The lobby of the hotel is very neat and professional but very minimal in the lounge area where there’s only a single cafe and the main restaurant. Since then and till today, I’m never impressed by the quality/type of items/dish in the buffet menu. It has always disappointed me and I think the hotel management should research this the utmost dedication.

My colleague reserved the rooms for us, so I didn’t know what kind of rooms we are getting. Upon check-in, I’ve realized that she got us the executive deluxe rooms, which were pricey and almost broke our piggy bank. Honestly, the rooms were great. More than great. Wireless/wired connection was provided for each room. Interactive Cisco VOIP headsets of the latest release were made available. The room had a living area, seperate from the bedroom. I can’t say more and I’m going to leave it to the pictures to decide for yourself. Last comment is that the location of the hotel is in the heart of the business district of Al Khobar area, surrounded by banks and airline agencies. Finding the hotel might be hard and to enjoy most of your local entertainment in Al Khobar, you would surely need a car transportation. Otherwise, excellent choice for business travelers who wish to get their money’s worth!


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