Gulf Air Lounge, BAH

Since Gulf Air has decided recently to close down its lounge in BAH for renovations and a new look, I’ve decided to share with all of you some images I’ve taken from there before the closure and review it in hope that the new design would be a lot better in comparison. You can also compare this lounge review with my visit to Gulf Air lounge in DXB.

BAH mainly has three lounges: Gulf Air, Cathay Pacific, and Dilmun. For those who are traveling on business/first class on Gulf Air or are of Silver/Gold status of Gulf Air’s Falconflyer frequent flyer program, you can access the lounge for your leisure. Otherwise, most of the flyers would be redirected towards the common Dilmun lounge.  All of the lounges in BAH are located in the upper floor and they accessible by escalators/lifts. Gulf Air has the best view of the airport runway and the parked planes due to its strategic location in the upper floor. The lounge is equipped with a business center, wireless internet connection, prayer hall, quiet room for rest, children’s playground and on-site nanny, hot food buffet, snacks and appetizers as well all variations of soft drinks, hot drinks and liquor.

The mood here is usually laid back unless there are the typical middle eastern families who are not attending to their kids’ behavior, so you can hear them running all around the hard wood flooring of the lounge in a disturbing way. Gulf Air lounges are famous for the Arabic tent in it where you can chill and relax with your family members or friends. Unfortunately, on many occasions I’ve witnessed solo travelers hugging the tent to himself and laying all over the seating and it was distasteful.

Unfortunately, the area allocated to the lounge is not as big enough as Dilmun lounge, and finding seats could be a problem when it gets crowded during afternoon/evening trips. Recently, I’ve noticed that the quality of the furniture is dropping down due to overusage and it needed replacement. I guess Gulf Air sensed that and started with the closure early this season. According to their email, it would take around two months to finish and re-open the lounge. We’ll have to wait and see what Gulf Air is promising us in the newest improvement to their local lounge.

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