First/Business Class Lounge, DMM

Back to blogging! well, since I have moved out of Kuwait last April I’ve relocated temporarily in The Eastern providence in Saudi Arabia. From there, I really hated driving the usual 4 hours drive back to Kuwait since the quality of the road and the available services till now are not of the convincing levels that would induce me to use it regularly. I had to use King Fahad International Airport a couple of time either flying directly to Kuwait or through Bahrain. So, during my business trips I had the privilege to try out the First/business class lounge in DMM and I’m reviewing it here for all of us. Please note that DMM airport was built mainly around the late 80s and was used primarily during the Gulf war for the military aviation services. We’re talking about a very huge set of architecture covering big mass of land. The airport itself has as I remember three levels or more.

Upon checking in the lounge which is right after immigration, you take a left and walk for a few minute to see its entrance.

After the admission which is being handled poorly through manual fill-in of the guest details on a single leaf of paper. The seating area is OK, although the signs of decay on the furniture is noticeable and its a sore to the eye. This is the main hall. Note for international flights terminals, this is the only available lounge. I have not been to the domestic terminal but I know that there’s another lounge there as well.

As you can see, this is used to be very luxurious back in the day. But due to poor management and maintenance, it was reduced to this current stage of retardation.

Now honestly, I don’t really recommend going for the food in this lounge. This lounge by far is the weirdest I have encountered yet. The type of food offered are mainly sandwiches and pastries which are kept inside a glass counter you can’t reach for, and the lounge staff are the ones who are assigned to help you. This is not usual since it does feel like it’s limiting your movement and portions because on some occasions, there was no one at the counter and you just couldn’t access the food. Of course, the quality of the sandwiches is one of the worst I have ever tried. Flat taste and the cold meats taste like paper board! The drinks are not offered usually in cold status so you have to request ice, that is if you found one of the staff to help you. I’m pretty sure there’s no wireless internet connectivity here. The newspaper stand consists mainly of Saudi newspapers in almost all of its formats, excluding the foreign newspapers except for an Egyptian newspaper or two.

Another negative note is the public announcements of flights and the live updates on the designated monitors. DMM airport is really not helpful in their public announcements since it’s not repeated or even considerate in frequency. The flight updates monitors are something from the prehistoric age. I mean they still use the old blue screen with the white typing, looking like something out from MSX DOS! and it’s not even updated regularly.

Overall, I can’t recommend this lounge or even boarding from DMM airport since even if you decide to skip the lounge, there’s no other suitable place to have food and relax. Unfortunately, you’ll have to stick with this one.

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