Tulip Inn Andalusia Al-khobar, Saudi Arabia

Well, I’m not a big fan of the Golden Tulip hotel chain due to my previous experience with it in Bahrain. I’ve stayed in Golden Tulip, Bahrain twice and it was only due to the close proximity to my business meeting and it’s reasonable fare for executive room. But there was nothing executive about it. Here, for Tulip Inn that’s another story. I’ve stayed the first time in Tulip Inn Andalusia on early April when I went to Al-Khobar to get my medical examinations prior to hiring me. The company paid for the single night and the reception staff were so kind that they upgraded my room to a junior suite when I mentioned my Flavours Benefits membership, although it wasn’t activated yet. That’s something I have mentioned here which is kind of annoying. To join their loyalty program, first you have to sign up online. Then get a print of a bar code for your membership. Then whenever you stay at any of their hotels, show them the bar code, they’ll scan it and present you with a loyalty card which doesn’t have any kind of customization for you (i.e. name). So, I ended up presenting them with my ANA Mileage Club card for miles (they didn’t credit me yet!! I have to check with them again!). They have a really weird set of affiliations for airlines miles which don’t add up. You can look it up here. I’ll upload the pictures for the junior suite later on.

What really put me off was that I didn’t find a room service menu anywhere in the room, so I had to ask a housekeeper to fetch me one. The menu he brought was awfully printed like a give-away pamphlet, no pictures and no illustrative descriptions. It was pretty bad from paper quality-wise and it had children scribbles on it. I ended up ordering the Tulip Inn Burger, which was more like something out of cheap sandwich joints. I mean they used they used the frozen hamburger patties which you would usually get from any grocery store. No real cooking was involved. Their breakfast buffet is standard and misses a lot of items and the chef who prepares the fried eggs and omelets was never on location except once and one resident had to order him rudely to get him going in taking orders. Really lame service.

The room was pretty spacious with good furniture but for the bedroom it had the old TV monitor while the living room had a wider screen monitor. And don’t get me started on the bed, it was bad. I wouldn’t recommend it at all. The general atmosphere of the hotel is deadly-quiet. It was so quiet that I felt it was lost in a time hole. I mean anyone would get for sleep only, other than that there’s nothing here to do. The next time I’ve come by this place, unfortunately since my company was contracting with this hotel, I’ve been given 7 free nights till I find a permanent place. I’ve been given a regular room which was OK, although its A/C was pretty cold even on the lowest setting. I would recommend this place only for a single night when dropping by for business, otherwise I would not recommend it for those seeking social events or entertainment. I don’t know how they classify themselves as 4 star hotels chain, but this 3 stars is a lot for their mediocre status. The following pictures are for standard rooms.

and here it is for the supposedly suite deluxe rooms

and here is its separate bedroom, notice that the living room has an LCD monitor where as in the bedroom, it has the old TV sets!


Been so away

Hello there. I apologize for being so far away from my blog. As I mentioned in my last post, I quit my job back in early April. I’ve founded a better career and promising future in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. That meant moving out from Kuwait. My life got hectic for a bit. I’ve started working on the last week of April and just yesterday I’ve succeed in finding a good apartment to stat my new life in it. Of course, here everything is a lot different from back home. I truly miss my family, friends and some of my ex-colleagues. But, I’ve weighted all of this for my future and career. I hope to get stable for sometime and from there, I can start blogging again. Much apologies for all of this blog readers and followers. Will be back soon, I promise!