The Cutest Spining Bird

I would kill to have this figure! This is by far the cutest painted Chun-Li figure I’ve seen around! The contrast of the chosen colors and their tone is amazing. I’m very sorry that I’ve stopped buying Hobby Japan magazine here in Kuwait because some dudes in Rehab Complex sell it for 10 KDs (3000 Yen) while its originally priced for 780 Yen (2.5 KDs)!! We’re talking like what? four times profit?! I hope that I can get a better source in acquiring the magazine issues because I have a real passion for such painted figures. And this one is truly magnificent.


6 thoughts on “The Cutest Spining Bird

    • yep, 10 KDs per issue. There are two major spots for action figures in Kuwait and I’m talking about like since 3~5 years ago. There’s the big store in Al-Muthana Complex and its counterpart in the upper floor in Al-Rehab Complex. Each had crazy prices for figures and the anime/figures-related magazines and manga.
      Don’t mix those with the current flow of Chinese-imported dull figures that swarmed the basement of Al-Rehab Complex. It stinks of awful copied Chinese models.
      Another store that sells such magazines is usually closed for unknown reasons but it’s the last store on the left behind the sandwiches stand in the upper floor in Al-Rehab. He had an awesome anime/manga-related novels/art-books and memorabilia.

  1. Not bad, though. Been trying to hunt down anime shops in Kuwait myself, so far the only infos I have are the shops in Rihab Hawally and the Bou Saleh in Al-Muthana. I also heard of some high class shop somewhere in Ahmadi, but I have yet to confirm that. I also discovered a small corner in an underground apparel shop in Fahaheel that sells some Devil Man and Lupin III figures and small anime related stuff.

    I’m not so surprised with the over the top prices for anime stuff, even in my home country they sell anime figures in outrageous prices that would make any Otaku want to weep. Anyway, thanks for the info!

    • Thank you for your comment. I was wondering if you can provide us with the location and name of the stores in Ahmadi/Fahaheel? I’m interested to see what they have to offer. Also, do you have any idea where I can find the newest issues of Hobby Japan? I haven’t been able to locate a copy since ages ago, though it’s being sold for a hefty price of 10 KDs.

  2. I once saw some Hobby Japan issues in Jarir bookstore along with Shonen Jump and others some three years ago, I think it was worth around 6.75KD, but they don’t sell them anymore. The tiny hobby shelf in Fahaheel is pretty hard to find because it is hidden away from plain sight. If you’re interested you can go to Fahaheel and look for the Al-Ghanim electronics store building, once you get there you will notice a building construction site, on the other side of that construction site you will find a small alley way. Go inside the alley way and look for an underground boutique, on the entrance of this boutique you will see some basketball shirts on display along with some figures of basketball stars with some Devil Man figures. Go down inside the boutique and go to the left from the entrance, inside you will find a shelf full of anime figures and some accessories.
    I haven’t confirmed the one in Ahmadi yet though, but I’ll look into it once I get free time. I’ll be compiling shop infos and where to find them in my blog for those interested

    • hmm, interesting. I never thought there would be such a place there. Back in the day, I used to buy my He-Man figures from that side and it was the prime of its time in Fahaheel. I haven’t been to Ahmadi since like 1997 or 1998, it’s been forever. Although I used patron the big bookstore there for Marvel/DC comics every week or so. I never though that the anime/figures heat would spread from Hawalli to the southern area of Kuwait. Thanks for your contribution!!

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