Feedback to Borderlinx

I’m posting this poll, after much traffic to my blog due to the famous Borderlinx post, and by no means this is not to slander/flame/disrupt Borderlinx/DHL by any means. It’s an invitation for those of concern to listen to what people has to say about their services. I guess consumer feedback is what matters the most to a logistics company whose services are direct all the way down to the consumer itself. I hope from this poll and all the comments that people would post, that Borderlinx and DHL would listen, follow and improve. I wish from my friends here to provide a professional feedback that would reflect our good will and intentions.

This post is dedicated for all of those of made 4,500+ views to the original Borderlinx post, which was a simple rant describing my experience with their services. I can’t believe that such an old post keeps getting daily hits. You guys deserve a post!


3 thoughts on “Feedback to Borderlinx

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  3. I called it a day when they started to charge $10 Safetylinx on orders over $250 and made it mandatory…and did NOT warn us before imposing the charge…so they get you to consolidate your order, then hit you with this fee when the value goes $250+. The part that gets me the most is that they do not tell you before so your goods get there…then they tell you…blackmail!

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