When The Moon Faded: An Obituary and a Tribute

This was a very hard to topic for me to write about. Until Today.

My father passed away on Jan. 5th, 2011. He had been sick since early 2003. Complications of the heart, lungs and liver were all due to poor health and addicted smoking. He went through many operations in 2004. But he could never break away from nicotine. Since then, he spent days, weeks and months getting in and out of hospitals.

It was until The first week of January 2011. That was when I saw him daily for the last three days before he died. He was so sick and pale, he broke my heart. He couldn’t even get out of his bed, like he used to do before and chat with other patients. He couldn’t go for a smoke anywhere away from the doctors. I knew at that time that this was it. The last time I saw him, he went to sleep and had his back against me. I sat there for around an hour, looking at him with a blank mind. I just sat there in silence without any thought in my mind.  Then I kissed him goodbye and left. It was my last goodbye to him. He passed away on Jan 5th, 2011 at 06:30 AM.

After the burial and all that sort, on that same night I couldn’t sleep. I broke down like a little kid. I wept till my eyes hurt and were sore the next day. I’ve been holding myself till this moment, where I was afraid to write about it. I have to admit that my face is full of tears as I write this post, but I would like to say this:

To my father, God bless your soul.

If we had the chance in life to re-live it all over again, I would still choose you as my father. I would never find someone like you. No matter what I do, I would never repay you back for raising and making a man out of me. You deserve a rest after battling all the pain and sickness you went through.

May you rest in peace and pray that Heaven be your final destination.

Thanks goes to all my friends, colleagues,  college buddies who e-mailed, called and commented on Facebook with their prayers and support.

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