A Moment of Fate

Till now, I haven’t seen a mesmerizing moment in video games history as this one in Final Fantasy IX on PlayStation One. I was in awe. Such a showdown was wanted by all FF fans, aside from the general video games players. The battle of Alexander Vs Bahamut was so classic, it resembled Hulk Hogan Vs Andre The Giant in wrestling. Since Final Fantasy IX, I haven’t seriously played any FF game. Why? Because Square Soft doesn’t make good FF games like they used to be.

Final Fantasy IX Staff, Thank for you for such an amazing game.


The Cutest Spining Bird

I would kill to have this figure! This is by far the cutest painted Chun-Li figure I’ve seen around! The contrast of the chosen colors and their tone is amazing. I’m very sorry that I’ve stopped buying Hobby Japan magazine here in Kuwait because some dudes in Rehab Complex sell it for 10 KDs (3000 Yen) while its originally priced for 780 Yen (2.5 KDs)!! We’re talking like what? four times profit?! I hope that I can get a better source in acquiring the magazine issues because I have a real passion for such painted figures. And this one is truly magnificent.

Feedback to Borderlinx

I’m posting this poll, after much traffic to my blog due to the famous Borderlinx post, and by no means this is not to slander/flame/disrupt Borderlinx/DHL by any means. It’s an invitation for those of concern to listen to what people has to say about their services. I guess consumer feedback is what matters the most to a logistics company whose services are direct all the way down to the consumer itself. I hope from this poll and all the comments that people would post, that Borderlinx and DHL would listen, follow and improve. I wish from my friends here to provide a professional feedback that would reflect our good will and intentions.

This post is dedicated for all of those of made 4,500+ views to the original Borderlinx post, which was a simple rant describing my experience with their services. I can’t believe that such an old post keeps getting daily hits. You guys deserve a post!


Shiwase ni Naritai!

I’ve just started watching this J-Drama series, right after finishing the long and sad “Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake” which almost gave me a prolonged brain damage from all the expected twists and repeated themes in it. Kyoko Fukada re-appears to me again in Shiwase ni Naritai! with a good cast like Matsushita Yuki, who looks soo cute and hot in comparison to her age, and Tanihara Shosuke, an awesome actor whom I would like to see J-drama works for him soon. I’m in 2nd episode and so far, it’s good. I would recommend it for general watching in HD!