Plaza Premium Lounge, MCT

During my last trip to Oman in early August, I’ve visited this lounge on our trip back to KWI. There are only two lounges in MCT airport and they are Oman Air Lounge and Plaza Premium Lounge. Both lounges are located right past the immigration check point. Since me and my buddy are holders of Priory Pass card, we were allowed in. The lounge had a private isolated section for smoking, which was what we wanted. The lounge was empty, except of two travelers and a bar tender who didn’t seem interested in servicing. The lounge is very spacious and aside from the seating areas as seen below, there’s a private section in the back with sleeper seats to doze off a bit before boarding your flight.  Showers were available next to the bathrooms, but they were locked for no obvious reason.

The food buffet was good. It had some Indian hot dishes including chicken curry, white rice and some vegetarian items as well. A salad bar was available and I enjoyed it the most, since I don’t tend to eat spicy food before boarding a flight. Potato Chip snacks and cookies were offered as well. Overall, this is pretty decent lounge and has a good capacity of seating as well as the general atmosphere.

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