Gulf Air Lounge, DXB

Getting ready to board my flight after leaving my hotel, I’ve decided to visit The Gulf Air Lounge in DXB Terminal 1 since I’m a holder of a business class ticket. It’s located at gate 122, where it’s the regular gate for Gulf Air flights. Admittance is for Gulf Air Golden Falcon ticket holders or Gold/Silver members of Gulf Air or its partners. More info is available at Lounge Guide.

This is the entrance of lounge

As you can see, Gulf Air lounges in BAH and DXB share the same aspect of having a tent-like seating area for a taste of originality.

Gulf Air serves Hot and Cold dishes on their buffet bar, which is a lot better than those big global airlines with lousy lounges (Lufthansa), aside from hot and cold drinks as well as you can from the far right side here

The lounge was pretty quiet when I have arrived. Mainly three travelers beside me. The reading materials were limited to newspapers and business/finance magazines. They had a shower room with towels for those who like to refresh. The space is very limited here, and it did get a bit crowded after 4:30 PM.

This is a 49 seconds low resolution recording of the lounge by my old Sony Ericsson W890i



6 thoughts on “Gulf Air Lounge, DXB

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  2. hi, thanks for this, just wondering, did they have any champagne on offer in either lounge, and if so, was it the good stuff? πŸ™‚

    would love to know what it was on offer


    • Hi there. I remember that they had some red wine, whisky, scotch & some beers. The food is good (hot lunch items besides cold-cut sandwiches) but it could get crowded due to space limitations. Give it a try!!

    • Oh that’s great to know, never heard any case of status matching on Gulf Air, although lots asked about it at frequent flyer forums, but it seems that you had luck on that! πŸ™‚

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