Dasman Lounge, KWI — 2nd Visit

Hello there. Since my last post about this lounge, I was unsatisfied with the posted pictures since I was traveling with my family and couldn’t get clear shots of what’s around there. On my last trip to Dubai (my next post!), I had the chance to visit lounge again and took some more pictures (unfortunately, with my iPhone!) since it was really early in the morning and I shared the lounge with another English gentleman. The breakfast was really good, made two trips to the buffet as you can see here.

And when heading to the smoking room in the far end of the lounge, I’ve noticed that the staff here showed facial displeasure at me taking snaps, so I ended up with lousy shot trying to the show the main lengthy entrance of it.


One thought on “Dasman Lounge, KWI — 2nd Visit

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