Wataniya Airways First Class & Lounge

On my last trip for GCCIA meeting in Bahrain on Sept.19th, 2010 I’ve decided to try the first class at Wataniya Airways since I’m a fan of its local services here in Kuwait. After making a ticket purchase on their website, I’ve received my itinerary on my e-mail account aside from given the privilege of using their limousine service for departure/arrival to Sheikh Saad Airport under the condition to fill a Word format form and to be submitted to their e-mail 48 hours in advance for the limousine reservation. I’ve checked in online and got the driver to pick me up at 05:30 AM since my flights is at 07:50 AM to BAH. The car was waiting outside on time and it was a Mazda CX-7. All leather and full options from the inside.  15 Minutes and I was in Sheikh Saad Airport (I live in Bayan!) and I was greeted by friendly check-in staff. I showed them my printed boarding pass and I was admitted to the 1st Class lounge. Now, to enter this lounge you either have to be a silver/Gold Wataniya Diwan member or holding a 1st class ticket (This post is before the recent re-branding of classes by Wataniya). The whole furniture and design of the lounge reflects the Wataniya colors of purple and gray. The seating area is very neat and well maintained. The huge glass wall to the back is the designated smoking area.A good snacks and light meals buffet was offered with hot/cold drinks and juices, as you can see from this shot. The glass doors here are the rest rooms with a designated prayer room.

And here in the back you can see the business center set for checking the internet, faxes, newspapers and other services as per the patron’s need. After being personally notified of the departure, we were escorted to the airplane in a Mercedes-Benz van which is only offered for 1st class travelers. There’s a private mini-lounge inside this lounge, but is dedicated for those traveling on private planes and jets. It was closed and I didn’t get a chance to take a snap or two.


After being seated in those fine leather seats here, we were treated to arabic dates and strong arabic coffee. A breakfast menu was handed and I turned it down since I’ve had mine at the lounge earlier. The seats were really comfortable as well as the service. I know for sure that I’m flying with Wataniya Airways 1st class again!!

Insider Tip: I’ve learned from the plane crew that the Rome route has been scrapped off due to poor sales. My suggestion for Wataniya is tackle new Asian routes for better sales.



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