In memory of Street Fighter 2: World Warrior

This snap is taken at Al-Awqaf Complex in Murgab, Kuwait. This place here and those old and left-out arcades has an ever-lasting memory in my heart. This is the first place that had the Street Fighter 2: World Warrior arcade in Kuwait as per my knowledge. I remember playing it for the first time here. Of Course, I knew Street Fighter from the first part where I used to play at Khaleejia Complex.

I still remember my first match ever. I chose Ryu and faced Blanka. He kicked my ass! Then, it started getting famous and was brought to many places, especially when Champion Edition was released. Showbiz at Salmiya had the arcade installed on a huge display monitor with a stand-up joystick panel 2-3 feet away from the screen. That was awesome.

Back to those arcades in Al-Awqaf Complex. I’ve passed by the other day and when I saw the miserable state those arcades were in, I felt pain in my heart. We’re talking about something that was part of us on a weekly basis and instead of preserving them, they’re tossed here like trash. All dusty, rusty and left to no one. If I had the money, I would buy them machines, including the SNK ones, and clean them up and maintain them. If I had a house, I would surly make a place for them there. This post is in the memory of the first place I’ve played Street Fighter 2 here in Kuwait. Thank you Al-Awqaf Complex and thank you Capcom.


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