Dio by Jorn

I have pre-ordered this album on iTunes as soon as I heard about it through the net. Jorn is very new to me, though he took on the vocals in the Summer Dio tribute concert. He’s really good, I mean singing Dio songs in his own style and keeping it as close as possible to the original cut.

Now, this album here is Jorn’s tribute album to Dio. Twelve covers of Dio selected based on Jorn’s taste along with an original Jorn cut titled ”Song for Ronnie James”, which is truly awesome to listen to. The covered tracks are :

  • Invisible
  • Shame On the Night   (A classic cut re-visited!)
  • Push   (awesome cover)
  • Stand up and shout
  • Don’t talk to strangers   (kick-ass metal)
  • Lord of the Last day   (my fav. track from Magica album)
  • Night People   (The only cover ever made and the greatest too!)
  • Sacred Heart   (My fav. from this album)
  • Sunset Superman    (Jorn, you got taste man!)
  • Lonely is the word/Letters from Earth
  • Kill the King     (an excellent take on the Rainbow classic rocker)
  • Straight through the heart [live]

After a couple of listens, I would really recommend getting this album. Although I would have wished that Jorn would have used a cover art that sheds some light on the Dio imagery, but then nothing is perfect!!

Thank you Jorn and God bless you! Rest in Peace, Dio! We will never forget you!

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