The End of Diego Maradona

~In memory of the Fat bastard July 3rd, 2010~

Shot down by four German goals straight through the heart

Since I’ve seen this bastard playing in World Cup 1986, I just didn’t like him at all. Such ego and fake charisma, he thought of himself as ”God” on the game field. I’ve started following soccer from World Cup 1986. I was in trance and awe watching the game play of West Germany. That was the best team filled with energy and teamwork. Then it was the finals between Argentine and West Germany, where Diego Maradona claimed the win and took World Cup for his country. Since then, I’ve marked him as a thing to despise. Over the years, comes World Cup 1990. The final match was West Germany Vs Argentine again. This time, we made Maradona cry. I was happy twice that day. We won the Cup, and made Maradona cry in front of millions watching world wide. Then came World Cup 2006, where Germany beat Argentine by the penalty kicks, but no Maradona.

This year. Yesterday. It was revenge. He called it a rematch, wishing he had a t-shirt to play against Germany. The whole world anticipating the revenge of Maradona. Germany vowed to make him cry again. And the gave him the worst loss in his whole career as a sportsman and manager. Four clean shots pierced through every Argentinian and South American on this planet. Four German heart strokes to end the past, current and future history of Diego Maradona. Even his fucking little boy Leo Messi and his KFC promo couldn’t do shit.

The National Mannshcaft gave them the lesson of the century in the arts of football. A big ”Die slow” to all South America, Argentine fans and Maradona himself! Long live the National Mannshcaft!


The German War Machines

First was Ghana, We took them down 1-0 to reach the qualifiers

Then, we gave England a quadruple paralysis that stained their history forever 4-0!

We destroyed the Diego Maradona legend forever and beat the SHIT out of Argentine 4-0, in the worst loss in its own history!!

Germany deserves the World Cup this time!!! It Is the Team to FEAR!!! Long live National Mannschaft!!