All love for Nationalmannschaft

Since I was 6 or 8 years old, I’ve been in love with Germany’s national team. It’s enough for me that they destroyed the Maradona fever in World Cup 1990 Final against Argentina in the 85th minute. When I saw Maradona crying, I was dancing full of joy! That arrogant full-of-shit skilled player didn’t have what other legends had before him. Respect and admiration. Just another ghetto kid out of South America looking for fame and money. I’ve been a devote fan of German National Team since then. I’ve followed them through all the wins and losses. I’ve cried when we lost against Italy in the last couple of minutes in the semi-final of World Cup 2006 in Germany to the  dirty Italians. But in return, they bombed Portugal for the Bronze title in the same cup. Of course, bombing Saudi Arabia in World Cup 2002 for 8-0 was the happiest moment in my life to put a lid to the Saudi idiocy.

Now, it’s 2010 in South Africa, not the most popular place on earth. First match for the mannschaft was against Australia and they bombed them with four goals, just like when Germany burned London to the grounds in World War II. We have lost against the awful Serbians, but hey they played better. Now, it’s time for Ghana. June 23rd will be the day to decide the future of our team to ascend to the qualifiers of this world cup. All the best to the Nationalmannschaft! I wished Klose would play, but because of the red card he’s out for this one. It’s all upon Lahm, Gomez, Cacau, Podolski, Schweinsteiger, Oezil and Khedira to take us to the finals!! On July 11th, we hope to hear the Geman national anthem playing! That will be the day!

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