Long Vacation

Since it’s summer time, I would like to refresh our memories with this great Jdorma TV series which has taken over our hearts in the summer of 1996. I had just arrived to the states, moved to Carbondale, IL. Resided in Ambassador Hall and they had satellite channels, including the International Channel, which dedicated its broadcasting to multi-international programs including Japanese dramas on Sunday nights. I caught half of this show and couldn’t forget it since then. Since I got back to Kuwait, I’ve been searching for this show till I found it torrent-ed at J-TV fansubs group. Kimura Takuya just kicked ass in that show, along a beautiful cast of Ryo, Takenuchi Utaka and more. The Opening is memorable to every Jdorama fan. Till now, there hasn’t been any romance show to match Long Vacation and its been 14 years since its broadcast, can you imagine? Much thanks goes for J-TV fansubs group for subbing this beautiful piece of visual art!

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