Pearl Lounge, KWI

I’ve visited this lounge on my outgoing trip to Austria in Kuwait International Airport and since I carry a business class ticket on Lufthansa, I was admitted to this lounge instead of Dasman Lounge due to designation of certain airlines to each lounge. Of course, the manually made boarding made a trouble for admission, so I cut the shit short and handed them my Priority Pass Card. First impressions? Well, Pearl Lounge is a lot smaller than Dasman Lounge due to space restraints. It can be accessed via a lift or stairs and its located on your left hand side right after the immigration counters. You’ll be greeted by two lovely ladies (yeah, that’s you, Fatima!) and on the left side, there are a couple of cubicles for checking your e-mail and etc. They have a big shelf of books and novels for sale, which is an extra. The amount of newspapers is limited, unlike Dasman Lounge. The couches are fabric, just like the ones you get in IKEA or any other western furniture outlet, unlike the leather couches in Dasman Lounge. They have a full service of even delivering your drinks and needs to your table. The number of seating for tables right by the food buffet is small and the size of the table is inadequate. Upon inspecting the food buffet, I became disinterested since it only had 3-4 main dishes and the rest was pastries and some low grade sandwiches, aside from some soup which I didn’t feel like eating at 11:45 PM. The buffet had a strange fried rice which was edible, average beef stew and some fish and vegetable dishes that I didn’t even bother to try. And they had this overcooked potato cuts which tasted stale and hard to eat. The sweets, fruit and salad bar was very limited to like 3-4 items per category. I’m comparing all of this against Dasman Lounge, which is totally the opposite.

After I took some stuff to my table, I’ve found out that this buffet belongs to the Crowne Plaza chain of restaurants. I started thinking like ”WTF?”. They had a menu on each table which contained items that could be prepared as per order. But then, I didn’t see anyone ordering nor being served, so I didn’t bother. The lounge is equipped with a designated children playroom which was good, and just like Dasman Lounge, only two TV monitors were available for all users of the lounge and only BBC World News was being aired. The good thing about this lounge is the service. I’ve seen an employee handing out a pillow and a blanket for a tired woman who needed some rest, which was nice and admirable. Also, the reception staff was very helpful in pointing me out on how to get my undelivered connecting pass for my trip and that was much appreciated! I would go for another visit to this lounge on the condition that I would see some improvement in the quality of the buffet items.

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