Down The Toilet: George Tenet

A true story beyond any funny joke in the history of CIA fuckups. These guys would know any anti-American ant, where its route and what does it eat, but couldn’t predict or even monitor the access of 19 terrorist hijackers into the states, planning for one of the worst catastrophes on the grounds of USA, using 4 hijacked commercial airlines, resulting in the death of more than three thousand civilians in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The problem is that the CIA testified that most of these terrorist hijackers were in a watch-list for suspected relation to Al-Qaeda. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but what the hell is the government was paying you for? what the heck have you been doing all this time? Letting terrorist roam around the country planning to bomb shit, while you were asleep?! Tenet’s downfall didn’t finish yet, till he played the swan song in failure of intelligence about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, assumed to be existing all these years and in mass numbers readied to be launched at the USA at any time. Then, there was none at all. Or there wasn’t any at all. A public toilet is something a lot more for Tenet and his lovely story of being a professional failure.


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