Lufthansa Business Class KWI-FRA

Since I’ve been assigned to be part of the team conducting the FAT tests (Factory Acceptance test) for a huge Siemens product, I’ve been given a two weeks mission to Vienna, Austria to conduct such tests. My ticket is business class and I’m staying in Vienna Marriott Hotel for 13 nights. The first snap shows that I was the first in line waiting for the counter to open. Of course, one disaster after another started occurring. The long-ass line for the economy class started piling up. The counters delayed in opening. The checking-in system crashed. The Airlines staff restarted it like 3 times, and had to go every 15 minutes assuring people that the counters would open soon and to be patient. It reached a point where they gave up and started gathering everyone’s passports for manual entry by writing boarding passes! After all the delay, the Kuwait Airport customs made a big fuss about not accepting such boarding passes and calling in the shift manager for Lufthansa to cite what’s going on. Everything seemed OK, till I met my colleagues in the Pearl Lounge (My next review) and told me that they got the electronic passes and also their connecting passes for our connecting flight from Frankfort to Vienna. I got mad! I was the first to show up, I got delayed and now they didn’t present me any connecting boarding pass! After I checked with them, they promised to issue me another one after boarding this flight.

Anyway, The business class is really awesome in the Lufthansa. You have wired remote control, to control your seat, all the way down to a sleeping position. You can watch TV and play games using it. Their shopping catalogue seemed really good for prices (I’m grabbing that Mont Blanc passport wallet!) and the food was halal and tasty too!


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