Priority Club and Sixt cards arrived!!

Well, what do you know? I have just received my Priority Club Card [Gold] and my Sixt Express card [right now, gold status] from Aramex today, after months and so of waiting for them to arrive by regular mail in Kuwait, like hell they’re gonna make it! Believe me, this is gonna change things around right now. I’m pretty happy with Sixt Rental services. They have their iPhone App, been upgraded twice out of 5 past rentals and they’re pretty nice in attitude, service, although I’ve got some feedback with the main branch I usually deal with (Bahrain International Airport branch). Since I’ve reached the gold status right now with Sixt, I’m thinking also about giving it a shot towards Hertz. You need like 3 rentals per year to keep it in the Gold status, and they have their iPhone App as well.

As for Priority Club, its contains all the Holiday Inn, Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza chains worldwide. I’ve stayed in their establishment in Bahrain, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia and they’re pretty good. My best experience would be the Holiday Inn Dunes in Beirut. Instant upgrade from deluxe to executive and it was pretty awesome to show off in front of my lady and Jana! Last Sunday, at Crowne Plaza in Bahrain there this gentleman bothering the only available receptionist so I had to wave the manager with my Gold status and he sent somebody in right away for priority check-in!  They just got their iPhone App, and when you book through it, you get 1000 bonus points aside from the regular points you get for the stay, totally awesome! You can also transfer points into air miles and right now into airlines tickets!!! now that’s a deal!

You can check out Sixt here and Priority Club here.


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