Immortal Records: Heaven And Hell by Black Sabbath

When I first listened to this album, I was in the process of looking for any Black Sabbath album from the Ozzy Osbourne years. I didn’t really listen to it on a serious matter, and that was very awful of me. I underestimated this album at first. When I fell in love with Dio’s works and his lyrics, I gave this album another try. I was blown away! You can’t be still alive and didn’t get a chance to try this metal record. This definitive album changed the future of Black Sabbath forever. Whoever used to listen to Black Sabbath and the first 6 albums would find this masterpiece something else on a higher scale of lyrics, music orchestration and melodic riffs. Ronnie James Dio just quit Rainbow after his dispute with Ritchie Blackmore over original creativity and when Tony Iommi found out about that, he couldn’t miss the chance since Iommi was also gonna leave Black Sabbath because of Ozzy’s booze and drug addiction which was breaking the band apart. Iommi and Dio sat down and wrote the melodies and lyrics to one of the greatest metal albums of all time. Till now, Black Sabbath hasn’t offered anything as strong as this album. Tracks like ”Neon Knights”, ”Children of the Sea”, ”Heaven And Hell”, ”Die Young”, ”Lonely is the word” and ”Wishing Well” are so engraved in my mind that I just keep singing to them and the lyrics automatically starts coming out of my mouth by force of love for this album! This album is a mixed drink from the heaviness of Black Sabbath slapped against the melodic lyrics of Rainbow! Two more albums and Dio, the band was created!

Dear Tony Iommi and Ronnie James Dio (RIP), the true creators of ”Heaven And Hell” album, Thank you for such an ageless masterpiece that keeping rocking us forever! God bless you!

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