Sega GameGear: The GG Shinobi II ~Silent Fury~

If you think this game is a port from the Mega Drive/Genesis or Master System versions, You’re wrong. This Shinobi is something else! Following the Same format as the first part on GameGear, the 2nd Shinobi game still features five ninjas, each has his own new special skill and weapon, going against mechanical or cyborg bosses, where as all original formats had only a single Shinobi ninja. As an addition to prolong the gameplay, a crystal was placed in each of the five stages. To open the last stage, you must collect all five crystals. This means you have to play each stage twice, first to acquire your fellow ninja and then again to acquire the crystal. Of course acquiring the crystals can be tough since sometimes you need to use the combined skills of the five ninjas to collect them. Just like the first part, the game play here is tilted more towards platform rather than pure action. The only complaint is the music, where it should have had more oriental themes, not industrial rock or techno music. I really liked the smoothed sprites, extra character frames and the pretty graphics. And to show that SEGA learned from TECMO and it’s achievement in Ninja Gaiden III, a password system is included. This game is must for all Shinobi fans!

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