In memory of Ronnie James Dio

Tears fall across my face as I write these words. I’ve been listening to your music tonight, collecting news clips and posting facebook posts about you in your memory. I’ve never had the honor to meet you in person or even see you on stage. Yet, across the years of my life, your magical creations in Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Dio still rock me. I’m still stuck in that time period. Still stuck in that old classic metal taste which is very rare these days. I’ve spent more than an hour today driving around and listening to a bootleg album of Rainbow called ”Kill The King”, which was recorded right before the release of ”Long live Rock’n’Roll”. Listening to that album rocked me, rocked my inner sadness over your demise. Images of your videos of Rainbow concert in Munich 1977 and The Sacred Heart video in Philadelphia in 1986 still storm my mind.

You will always be remembered my friend, my idol and our true metal king and pioneer. We shall meet on the other side. Long live The King of Rock’n’Roll!

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