Man On The Silver Mountain: RIP Ronnie James Dio

Today at 06:30 AM, I checked my facebook messages through my iPhone App, and found this message from DIO group telling me that Ronnie James Dio passed away on May 16th at 07:45 AM, after a year-long battle with Stomach Cancer. This came like a sucker punch at me. Last night, I was abnormally in a very sad mood, for no obvious reason. I started playing metal music after washing my car, and on the way back, I played Axel Rudi Pell’s version of ”Temple of the King” and my eyes got teary for no reason. I came home, played some Iced Earth and then Dio’s ”Rock’n’Roll Children”, My faviorit. My eyes got teary and my brain stormed away into blankness. I don’t know what come over me. At 6:30 AM this morning I figured what was wrong with me last night. I’ve lost my Metal Idol. I’ve lost the greatest metal singer of all time. I’ve lost half of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. I’ve lost the frontman of DIO. I’ve lost the frontman for Heaven&Hell. I’ve lost the frontman for Black Sabbath. I’ve lost Ronnie James Dio, the man, the music, the poet, the Legend.

I’ve decided to quit twittering for a week out of respect for demise of our great musician. My deepest condolences and prayers goes for Dio’s family, friends, band members, fans and all the metal-heads worldwide. Why the title? Man on the silver mountain is the 1st song he ever wrote with Ritchie Blackmore, launching his true metal career.

Rest in Peace, Ronnie James Dio. I’ve never had the chance to attend a concert of yours, but with your music, you have always been in my heart. A part of Heaven crashed today. A part of me died today. I’ll teach all my children about your music, and through it you’ll never die. Long live The Man On The Silver Mountain.

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