Immortal Records: Speak of The Devil by Ozzy Osbourne

OK, this is the first album I bought for Ozzy Osbourne as soon as I landed in the states. I remember buying this from Walmart in Uraban-Champaign back in September or October 1996. I still have this record. Many could bitch about how this is a mastered copy from the original and how I should find it, well I tried and there’s nothing in the world that could produce that copy. Even this version is out of production now, especially while Ozzy is re-producing the whole album again according to how he likes to tamper into the parts put in the albums by ex co-workers. Surely, Ozzy fucked up totally now, but he can’t touch this record because I just can’t stop not listening to it. Although this was rashly made to support the ”Diary of a Madman” tour, where Randy Rhoads was killed in a freaky plane-accident and Ozzy had to bring in Brad Gillis to learn all the taps in less than two weeks, this records stand among all the live records Ozzy made. The set was for two days, the video-taped one is the Ozzy Osbourne materials while the one on CD is the Black Sabbath materials. It’s really great to listen to Back Sabbath from another perspective. Although Ozzy decided to release this album at the same time of Black Sabbath first live album ”Live Evil”, I still hold on into this album as it reminds of my early days in the states, where this work of art was my buddy at time of need. Last time I listened to it, put on track #9 ”Never Say Die”, I had tears in my eyes.

Brad Gillis, Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Aldridge and Rudy Sarzo. Thank you guys for this memorable night! I will keep listening to this album till the day I die!

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