Wataniya Diwan

Since Wataniya Airways started almost a year ago, and I’ve been noting their progress in the market. They’ve been going steady in reaching out to everyone, amazingly getting more patrons with their one-year celebration price drops promo. Before that, being the 3rd local Kuwaiti airlines in Kuwait, Wataniya Airways is the 2nd after Kuwait Airways to introduce a frequent flyer program, Wataniya Diwan. Although their destination are still limited to some GCC countries and a part of the Middle East, I’ve heard that they’re planning for expansion and including more routes in the future. With their excellent treatment that I’ve received on my way to Beirut last week, a delicious Chicken Biryani dish that is the first meal in almost a century to be finished totally by me and their choice of chocolate offered after lunch. My wife loved it so much that she asked about where they got it and its labeled ”Gharawi” and is sold in the Avenues. A few minutes later, the air hostess came in with a little paper bag filled with that chocolate. I was in awe. I’ve never seen such care and dedication towards patrons in a very long time. Coming back from work, I was surprised to find this envelope containing my Wataniya Diwan card and their FFP guide and a welcoming letter.After a quick examination, their program is very straightforward and typical according to many global standards and rules for Frequent flyer programs. In a later post, I will talk about the 1st FFP in Kuwait and my experience with it.

Wataniya Airways and Wataniya Diwan, Wish you the best of luck and keep on the good work!!


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