MEA Cedar Lounge, BEY

On March 17th, I was going back to Kuwait from a three-day leisure trip to Beirut with my lady and Jana. This was our first trip to Lebanon all together. We really had fun and I will post much more about it later. Trying to brag about my travel status to my lady, I promised her to a treat in the MEA Cedar Lounge in Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport using my Priority Pass card. After a quick trip to the prayer room (very awful smell of feet, men getting undressed, a drape was used to separate between men and women, it was hell) and picked up a small box of baklava for our Thursday family gathering, we decided it was time to hit the lounge.

The MEA Cedar Lounge is located on the 2nd floor on the left of the electric scales. It’s a very big lounge, if not one of the biggest I’ve seen around. The food and beverages are on the left and  most of the seats were tossed left and right, and there’s some small decorative trees and water fountains in the middle (Jana had to get a snap of that!). On the left side, there’s this big room with glass walls, for smokers and they get their orders delivered right up to them! Lucky bastards!

We stayed on the right hand side where the snack bar and the drinks are at. First of all, the snacks were pastries only. They were edible but not tasty at all. Very low grade type of food. I didn’t even try to go for desserts. The waiters were very friendly and showered my with a dozen of Al-Rifai mixed nuts packets. For hot and cold drinks, it was help yourself. Alcoholic beverages and drinks were on-site as well. The reception staff were very nice and offered immediate notifications to travelers about their flight updates. The lounge with filled with  leather couches and seats but were very old and in need to be replaced. The men’s bathroom needs to be upgraded immediately. They didn’t have much of TV sets, there was only one visible to me and it was tuned to Al-Manar, Hezbollah’s main propaganda TV channel!! There was a kid’s playroom but it didn’t look safe for Jana to go in and it looked deserted. The main bonus about this lounge was the free Wi-Fi and the infinite cold drinks!

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