NPR Radio By Livio

I’ve been a huge fan of National Public Radio (NPR) since I’ve set foot in the USA in 1996. The descriptive and fair news coverage, the book reviews, the movie reviews, global and world news and stories and much more. I’ve even used to let it play while I was sleeping at nights, where our local NPR station switched to light classical, very soothing for comfortable sleep. I’ve been researching lately for the best internet-connected radio sets which would let me connect to NPR and more. I’ve come across this awesome product made by Livio which is specifically designed for all the NPR stations, NPR podcast, and internet-broadcasting radio stations which sum up to 10,000 stations more or less. I’ve got  it for 48 KDs from J&R Music and Computer World plus all the hassle by DHL Borderlinx and the customs (see past post).

The design is very classic, the remote control is very handy. You can access the main site, search and add in radio stations as favorites, and it would be uploaded right into your radio set, which is cool. I’ve selected this unit because it has Wi-Fi connectivity aside from the LAN input which is a major feature. Updating the firmware can only be done through online connectivity.

OK, now here comes my personal points. As soon as I’ve connected the unit, I’ve upgraded its firmware. The remote control was kinda of stuck at some point, and the unit didn’t respond to it all. I’ve reset to factory defaults twice. Afterward, fetching the favorites menu took longer than it does or gets stuck. I’ve noted that in all of its settings, there’s no way to choose between either selecting Wi-Fi connection or LAN connection. More inspection around the unit, I’ve found that the Ethernet card of the radio set is not function at all. I’ve contacted the manufacture, Livio Radio LLC,  and the wholesale seller, J&R Music and Computer World, which I bought from and it seemed that there’s a missing option in my unit which should display the choice of wireless or wired connection. Having that option unavailable at all means one thing which is the malfunction of the Ethernet card, as per the manufacturer sales rep. After contacting both sides, the wholesales seller thankfully offered me their 30-days return for replacement. I’ve re-sealed the whole thing and will be shipping it tomorrow afternoon and hope it things would work!

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