Camel Burger in Crowne Plaza, Bahrain

OK, this is an old snap I dared to post because I still look at it and wonder: what does it taste like? Did anyone eat it and get the T-shirt? What does the T-shirt looks like? Is ”I just ate a whole Camel Burger!” printed on that T-shirt for pride? Too many questions need to be answered by trying this out!

One thought on “Camel Burger in Crowne Plaza, Bahrain

  1. Hi,

    Im on a business trip in Bahrain staying at the Crowne Plaza. Along with a few colleagues I thought I’d give this a go, encouraged of course by the free t-shirt!

    The T-Shirt is printed with the famous “Camel” burger and the outline of a camel. Headed by the wording ‘Believe it…I just ate a whole Camel burger’. You can choose the size also.

    But before you rush of to sample the delights of a Camel burger I must tell you its tastes EXACTLY like beef. The only indication that this burger may be any thing other than a standard burger was the interestigly shaped bun (Camels foot!). After finishing the burgers we did enquire to a waitress if they were indeed camel meat. The response we got was a laugh and ‘maybe this is just the name’ in broken English.

    You may put this down to the young waitresses missunderstanding and broken English bit I myself am pretty sure this is nothing more than a beef burger and a gimmik to encourage tourists to buy the burger and try something they’ve never tried before.

    All in all I cant complain though as for 5.95dinar a large burger with potato wedges and a free novelty t-shirt was pretty good value. And the experience of believing we were eating camel, even for a very short time, was worth it!!

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