Book World Kinokuniya, Dubai Mall

Well, I’ve been there the first time last October and I had such a blast, I went bananas! Everything is there! I mean everything, including manga, anime, J-Pop culture, Western, Sci-Fi and just everything on Earth! I went frenzy over the Dragonlance series collection of novels that they had I didn’t know what to buy. This Past February my lady and in-laws went to Dubai Mall and she called me from The Book World and asked me what I wanted. I just told her one thing: A capture of the Fantasy shelf of the Dragonlance series! Well, she didn’t believe me but I insisted! These are her snaps (Credit Goes to my old CyberShot DSC  T-33) and she still got me two new novels from there (Thanks babe!). These snaps will tame me for a while before I go there again!


2 thoughts on “Book World Kinokuniya, Dubai Mall

  1. I’d like to get in touch with a rep from kinokuniya, dubai to find out if they’d be willing to come out to a few private schools in kuwait and tell us a little more about their books. All I could find was a telephone number. Anyone know where I can get an e-mail address for them?

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