Dilmun Lounge, BAH

My GCCIA operation committee 6th meeting just finished hours ago and here I’m in Dilmun Lounge in Bahrain International  Airport chilin’ just before going back to Kuwait on Wataniya Airlines. The lounge is awesome! Just check out the pic. It costs 15 BD to enter and I got in using my Priority Pass Card. They serve variety of sandwiches, bagels, snacks, drinks and liquor too. Fine leather seats, Wi-Fi connectivity, newspapers, huge TV screen and flight updates monitors are all in here. You’ve gotta try it!!! Too bad, some hicks started getting in by paying that stupid 15 DB charge. It got crowded to the point that I started checking the flights monitor every two seconds, wanting to get the hell outta of here except I don’t want to run into the million smelly fuckers in the main terminals. Found some applications for AmEx Gold and Diners club cards in the lounge that might sound interesting to get!

4 thoughts on “Dilmun Lounge, BAH

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